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Mahjongg and Me!

Posted by Modern Mahjong on

On author Ann Israel's Blog,, she wrote: Our Mahjong Dice™ are "a great gift for a friend or for yourself!"

Every once in a while a terrific new Mah Jongg product comes along that we had not seen before. Well, it has happened again with this great idea from the team of Dora and Donna at Modern Mahjong – finally…dice that make sense to use for our beloved game! Check this out:Yes! These are Mah Jongg dice! And they can be yours simply by going to Dara and Donna’s website at OR emailing them at These wonderful dice come in several different styles and colors and are just a fabulous gift to give to your favorite Mah Jongg player (who might just be YOURSELF!). These special dice will elevate the beauty of your game, whether you play with a new set or an amazing vintage one.

How nice it is to support these two best friends who bring their entrepreneurial spirit to our Mah Jongg community!


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