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Let's Play ... Virtually! Mah Jongg Virtual Tournament - November 1-6, 2023 to benefit The Life Raft Group

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Let's Play ... Virtually!

National Mah Jongg League (NMJL) Virtual Tournament for The Life Raft Group

We invite you to join us for a virtual in-person or online Tournament at your time, day and convenience.

Play online or in-person. 

As many times as you want!

At checkout, select website & single or foursome. 

Enter as many times as you want in this six round  tournament

Play is from November 1 - November 6, 2023 at 6 p.m. EST. 

You'll set up your own tables, keep track of your own scores, and play six rounds of four games (total of 24 for the entire tournament) on your own schedule! See below for more details.

At checkout, please select the website and if part of of foursome or an individual that is looking to be paired. 

About The Life Raft Group, our charity for the November Tournament: The mission of The Life Raft Group is to enhance survival and quality of life for people living with gastrointestinal stromal tumor, or GIST through patient-powered research, education and empowerment, and global advocacy efforts. Over the years, The Life Raft Group has grown immensely, meeting the challenges facing GIST patients and caregivers and the research community every step of the way. The LRG vision is to champion patient-powered science and drastically increase long-term survivorship for all cancer patients. To accomplish this, we rely on four key pillars: Leverage the patient perspective to drive innovative solutions in cancer research, Educate and empower patients to take a larger role in their care, Accelerate research outcomes through collaborate efforts, & Increase access to effective treatments worldwide. For more information about The Life Raft visit,

  • Play can be either in person during your regular game, at any time in person, or on any of the following websites that play by NMJL rules:
    • I Love Mahj,
    • Mahjong 4 Friends,
    • Bot Player for a different prize of a pair of Mahjong Dice™ and
    • in-person
    • Please note, if there are not four players for your specific platform, and you would still like to play, you can enter and play against bots. However, there will a different prize system will be awarded for players playing against bots.  
    • Additionally, the majority of online players that register individually select We will attempt to put together four tops for all websites. If we cannot organize a group of four on your first choice website, you can opt to play with bots for the bot prize, donate the registration funds to the charity, or request a refund less credit card processing payments. 
  • You can register as part of a foursome or as a single player.
    • If you have a foursome to play, great! Your foursome can register individually or one of you can complete the payment and registration for all four. If you have more than four in your group, feel free to change tables for each round. 
    • If you don't have a foursome, we will do our best to match players in a table of four on your desired platform. 
  • When registering, please be sure to select which platform you would like to be playing on. By checking out, you are confirming that we can email you and provide the email address you registered with to the other three other players that you are paired with to play.
  • It will be up to the groups to schedule time of play and create their table on their desired platform. 
  • The tournament will consist of six rounds of four games each round over the course of the tournament for a total of 24 games. 
  • Entry fee is $36 per player.
    • A percentage of proceeds will be donated to the The Life Raft Group.
    • Within a week before the tournament, you will receive information via email about the tournament including a score sheet to complete for each game and each round. Scoring is the same value as the points on the card.
    • The winner of each game will be awarded the value of the hand on the 2023 NMJL card.
      • Bonus of 10 points for a self-picked mah jongg. This includes exchanging for a Joker and then calling mah jongg.
      • Bonus of 20 points for a winning hand with no Jokers (Jokerless hand) but not for hands in the Singles and Pairs section.
      • In a wall game, all players that do not have a dead hand are awarded 10 points for a wall game. A player that has a dead hand gets 0 points. Please note: Many sites allow you to call a player’s hand dead. If you are playing on a site that doesn’t call a hand dead, and another player alerts the table you are dead and you are, you get 0 points in a wall game.
      • Player discarding the tile that results in Mah Jongg:
        • Minus 10 points for two exposures
        • Minus 25 points for three exposures
    • If you need to start earlier, please email us and we can arrange for your Score Sheets to be sent earlier.
      • Don't worry West coast players, you do not need to start playing that early.
      • Play can take place at any time between the kick off and the close of the tournament. 
    • Players results must be emailed to by 6 p.m. EST on November 6, 22, 2023. 
    • Depending on the number of players prizes and number of prizes awarded will increase. Initially, prizes will be awarded for first place through third place. As more players enter, prize value and number of prizes increase. Information about prizes will be posted shortly. Prizes to be awarded will be posted before the tournament.
      • If at the time of the tournament, we have players that are playing at tables with bots, we will announce the prizes for "bot tables" that will be awarded before the tournament. 
      • Deadline to register for individual players is October 18, 2023. If it is after this date and you would like to register, please email and we will try to accommodate your registration. 
      • Registration fees are not refundable after October 12, 2023 If after registration you cannot play. Your registration fee will be included in the donation to charity.
      • Deadline to register as a foursome is by October 24, 2023 at 7 p.m. EST. If you would like to register after this date, please email us to see if we can accommodate your registration.       
      • We understand that each platform has slightly different nuances. We appreciate your understanding that we are trying to reach and include as many mahjong players that would like to take part so these differences will be overlooked. 
      • More details will be on the Score Sheet and how East will verify the players scores at their table will be sent by email. Scoring will be based on the values of the 2023 NMJL card with:
        • bonus for Jokerless hands, 
        • bonus for self-picked,
        • penalty for throwing the winning tiles to two or more exposures, and
        • 10 points will be awarded for wall games.  
      • With regards to a "dead hand":  Most platforms have been updated to be able to call a hand dead. Whether or not the website allows this, if a player’s hand is called dead by another player in the messages and/or in the game, and the hand is dead, they do not get points for a wall game. 
      • If during a game with four players, a player loses connection for a single game, they do not get any points if the Bot that replaces them wins and/or if there is a wall game.

      • Please email if you have any questions. 
      • We are looking forward to our ModernMahjong tournament and hope to continue these fun and exciting events.