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Must Mahj On Mahjong Bundle; One pair of Mahjong Dice™, Versatile Mahjong Gaiter and East Wind Indicator

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A Must Mahj On Mahjong Gift Bundle for the mahjong players in your life. 

This Limited Quantity bundle includes:

One mahjong versatile Gaiter, 

one East Wind Indicator, and

your choice of one pair of the following styles of Mahjong Dice™. Please indicate pair of Mahjong Dice™ at checkout. 

1. larger 19 mm Prestigious Peacock,

2. standard 16mm Peacock in ivory,

3. larger 19mm Rainbow Roll in black

4. standard 16mm Classic Floral,

5. standard 16mm ivory Lotus Jokerless,

6. larger 19mm Rainbow Roll in white.

7. larger 19mm Red Clear Winner, or

8. standard 16mm Roll the Chiclet Jokerless. 

Regularly Priced at $62. Incredible value at $50. 

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