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Limited Edition Replica Black Enrobed Mahjong Tiles only in a zippered bag

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PLEASE NOTE: There is a limited quantity available. 
THIS IS FOR TILES ONLY IN A ZIPPERED BAG. Racks and a pair of Mahjong Dice™ are not included. 
This set of 152 replica black enrobed mahjong tiles is a stunning reproduction of a vintage set and is ready for NMJL play. The front and back of these beautiful mahjong tiles are off-white and surrounded on all edges in black. Each tile measures 1.26 inches x .86 inches x .46 inches. 


Please note: These mahjong tiles are not vintage but rather are a modern day interpretation of classic enrobed tiles. They are high quality, durable tiles. However, slight imperfections might exist on certain tiles which only add to the vintage feel of the entire set. 

Made in China.