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Set B - Replica Green Enrobed Mahjong Set, Wood Tile Box and Mahjong Dice

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This set of 152 replica enrobed mahjong tiles is a stunning reproduction of a vintage set ready for NMJL play.  The set has been bundled for sale along with one pair of our Mahjong Dice™ and a wooden storage box.

These beautiful mahjong tiles are surrounded on all edges in green. The front and back of the tiles are white. The tiles feature classic images from well-coveted sets.

Please review pictures of Set B prior to purchasing. If you are familiar with our Mahjong Dice, they are engraved and hand painted in the USA. We have paired them with this imported Replica Set. We do not produce the tiles ourselves. Some tiles may contain slight imperfections, but this does not impact the play and beauty of these replica tiles and adds to the vintage feel of the set. Exchanges and refunds will not be accepted. 

The Replica Green Enrobed Mahjong tiles feature a large print for easy reading.

There are 152 tiles including eight flowers and eight matching classic Jokers and ready for NMJL play. 

This bundle includes:

  • one full set of 152 replica enrobed tiles,
  • a velvet lined wooden tile box, and
  • one pair of Mahjong Dice™. 

The magnetic closure tile box fits the 152 tiles and a pair of Mahjong Dice™. The tiles fit snuggly and care should be given when gently placing tiles back in the tile box.  Racks are not included. 

Please note: These tiles are not vintage but rather are a modern day interpretation of classic enrobed tiles.