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Bakelite! Limited edition Mahjong Dice™ engraved designs on authentic, vintage Bakelite

Our original limited edition standard size 15.5 mm size Mahjong Dice™ are engraved and hand painted with red and black lotus design for the one dot. Sides two through six have an engraved and painted flower dot design.  

We have introduced a limited edition of sprout bamboo 15.5 mm size Mahjong Dice™  with an engraved and hand painted sprout bamboo for the one bam. 

Purchase is for one pair of authentic, vintage standard size 15.5 mm Bakelite Mahjong Dice™. Image of six dice is shown for reference only.  

Please Note: Our Bakelite Mahjong Dice™ are engraved and painted on authentic vintage Bakelite. Variations in design and color of Bakelite may occur and add to the uniqueness of the beautiful dice. 

We also have a separate product to customize the side with the one dot with your name, initials or word. Please note, these are available on a first come, first serve basis.