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Teacher/Group Discount for Eight Copies or More - Visual Companion Guide for American Mah Jongg by Dara Collins and Donna Kassman

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We love to create visuals to help players learn and improve their game and share them on our Facebook group, Mahjong Community.

We heard players' requests for a comprehensive guide filled with our clear visuals and are excited to release our Visual Companion Guide for American Mah Jongg available on

Our Visual Companion Guide Contains clear visuals based on official rules including:

  • Quickstart Guide to American Mah Jongg and Siamese Mah Jongg®
  • Over 50 pages to reinforce and explain rules for all levels of play 
  • Concise explanations of confusing concepts
  • Clear descriptions of important aspects of gameplay
  • Reminders for often forgotten Rules
  • Strategy to improve your game
  • Activities to challenge your knowledge

Some of the reviews we have received:  

Creative illustrations combined with clear and concise explanations for even the most complicated aspects of the game are helpful for all levels of players. Thank you for this guide. I wish it was available when I learned how to play! I will highly recommend it to all my students!”

I have greatly appreciated the visuals and videos created by Modern Mahjong. They consistently create helpful posts that I share with my group each week. It is wonderful to have them all in one easy-to-access Visual Companion Guide which will always be in arm’s reach during games.”

We appreciate your support!

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Notes: After the original publishing, the NMJL confirmed:

A player can’t avoid the consequences of challenging a dead hand by wording it differently. If you know the hand is dead, state your challenge definitively.

 * If Player A can prove that Player B’s hand is unwinnable based on tiles seen by all players (in exposures and Discards), Player B’s hand is dead and Player B stops picking and discarding.