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Mahjinoes™ - A Mahjong Domino Tile Game

Mahjong Dice™ presents an innovative new, beautiful domino game, Mahjinoes™

Imagine if dominoes and mahjong combined to create this visually appealing and fun game.

Have you wondered when is a good age to teach your children or grandchildren the complex game of mahjong? Do you have adult friends and family that would love to learn how to play mahjong but are intimidated by all of the many different mahjong tiles? 

Mahinoes™ is the answer!  Our new game is a fun and exciting new take on the game of dominoes. 

As a bonus, the young and young at heart can enjoy playing Mahjinoes™ while learning the symbols of the traditional game of mahjong. 

Mahjinoes™ is a wonderful addition to family game night! 

The 28 professional size dominoes include painted designs of mahjong symbols including Flower, East representing winds, Dot, Bam, Crak, White Dragon (Soap), Green Dragon, and Red Dragon. There is one optional Joker tile which can be removed if you do not want to use it.

Mahjinoes™ includes 28 professional size three color painted white dominoes, velvet drawstring debossed bag and instruction card.  Made in China.