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Pre-Order NMJL 2020 Cards, Shipped Directly to you, Donation to Alzheimer's Association

The NMJL each year donates a portion of each card sold through group preorders of cards. You can order the 2020 card from this website and it will be shipped DIRECTLY TO YOU when the cards are released in March/April of 2020. Please be sure to choose the $8 standard size card or the $9 larger card. A donation from each card sold through this pre-order will be donated to The Alzheimer's Association by a check from the NMJL. Orders must be placed by January 24, 2020. 

If you prefer to pay by check, you can mail payment by check to Mahjong Dice™ to be received by January 24, 2020. Please include payment of $8 per small card and $9 per large print card. Payment should be received by January 24, 2020 to: Mahjong Dice™, 3389 Sheridan Street, #425, Hollywood, FL 33021. Please include name, address, email and phone number that each card should be delivered to directly from the NMJL.