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Replica Enrobed Mahjong Set, Wood Tile Box, Mahjong Dice, Lucky Bam

Each of these sets of 152 replica enrobed mahjong tiles are a stunning reproduction of a vintage set ready for NMJL play.  

We have two different sets that have been bundled for sale along with one pair of our Mahjong Dice™ and a wooden storage box.

The beautiful mahjong tiles are surrounded on all edges in either black. The front and back of the tiles are off-white. The tiles feature classic images from well-coveted sets.

There are 152 tiles including eight flowers and eight matching Jokers and ready for NMJL play. 

This bundle includes:

    • one full set of 152 replica enrobed tiles each measuring 1.26 inches x .86 inches x .46 inches,
    • a velvet lined wooden tile box, and
    • one pair of Mahjong Dice™. 

The tile box fits the 152 tiles and a pair of Mahjong Dice™. Racks are not included. 

Please note: These tiles are not vintage but a modern interpretation of vintage tiles.