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Replica Enrobed Mahjong Set, Mahjong Dice and additional optional accessories

Our set of 160 Replica Black Enrobed Mahjong tiles are a stunning reproduction of a vintage set and ready for NMJL play. The front and back of these beautiful mahjong tiles are off-white and surrounded on all edges in black. 

Our elegant Replica Black Enrobed Mahjong Set includes: 

      • one set of 160 Replica Black Enrobed Tiles that are standard size for National Mah Jongg League play
      • two runs of five flowers (only 8 flower tiles are used for NMJL play)
      • ten standing Buddha Jokers (only eight Jokers are used for NMJL play)
      • one through nine (four tiles of each) in Bam, Crak and Dot suits
      • beautiful designs that honor the tradition of this wonderful game that encourages friendship, fun and philanthropy 
      • four extra blank tiles in case replacements are needed
      • each enrobed tile measures 1.26 inches x .86 inches x .46 inches
      • one pair of ivory color, rounded corner Peacock Mahjong Dice™
  • Additionally, a limited run of custom engraved Jokers are available separately.  Your custom Jokers can include text and/or images that we will design along with you. You won't need to wait for your Replica Black Enrobed Tiles. Your custom Jokers will ship separately. We have a limited number of custom Jokers that can be made so we are offering this option to people currently on our waitlist. First come, first served! Click here to purchase Custom Jokers. Please note: We recommend that you order and pay for the Custom Jokers separately to possibly reduce the total shipping cost. 
  • Please note: These tiles are not vintage but rather are a modern day interpretation of classic enrobed tiles. 

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