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Great Gift Guide for Mahjong, Mah Jongg - Under $25, Under $50, and more!

Looking for a gift for friends and family that play mahjong? We've got you at every price point! 

Under $25


Set of four mahjong shatterproof wine glasses $25

Set of eight mahjong shatterproof drinkware $20

Purple Mahjong Dice™ to benefit Alzheimer's Association

Set of 20 Napkins

Under $50

Your favorite style of Mahjong Dice™. Not sure which pair would complement your friends set best? Email us at ModernMahjong@gmail.com with photos or details about their set, or gift cards are available so they can enjoy shopping for their own gift! 

Wonderful gift ideas!

Modern Mahjong x Haute Shore Everything Tote

Preorder our Replica Black Enrobed Tiles - shipping dates cannot be provided at this time. We can send a printable gift to let the recipient know they will recive the tiles when they are available.