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Great Gift Guide for Mahjong, Mah Jongg - Under $25, Under $50, and more!

Looking for a gift for friends and family that play mahjong? We've got you at every price point! 

Under $25


Set of four mahjong shatterproof wine glasses $25

Set of eight mahjong shatterproof drinkware $20

Purple Mahjong Dice™ to benefit Alzheimer's Association

Set of 20 Napkins

Under $50

Your favorite style of Mahjong Dice™. Not sure which pair would complement your friends set best? Email us at with photos or details about their set, or gift cards are available so they can enjoy shopping for their own gift! 

Wonderful gift ideas!

Modern Mahjong x Haute Shore Everything Tote

Preorder our Replica Black Enrobed Tiles - shipping dates cannot be provided at this time. We can send a printable gift to let the recipient know they will recive the tiles when they are available.