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Mahjinoes® Game Center: Instructions, Score Sheets and Alternative Methods of Game Play


Ages 3 and Up

2 - 4 players


Contents: Velvet drawstring pouch, instructions, 28 Mahjinoes®

Mahjinoes®: During the game, players that have not yet played mahjong will become familiar with symbols on mahjong tiles. This will be helpful when learning how to play mahjong.


Object: Be the first player to play all of their Mahjinoes®

Set Up: Mix Mahjinoes® face down on a table. This will be the draw area. For 2 players, each player draws 6 Mahjinoes®. For 3 and 4 players, each player selects 5 Mahjinoes®. Do not show Mahjinoes® to other players. 

Start of play: The youngest player goes first by taking one of their Mahjinoes® and placing it face up on the table. This will be the start of the Mahjino chain.

On your turn: Add to the Mahjino chain by matching one of your Mahjinoes® to the end. You can add to either end and change direction of the chain to fit the table. A double Mahjino is placed perpendicular to the chain. New Mahjinoes® may be added on open ends. A Joker matches any Mahjino. If you do not have a match, pick one Mahjino from the draw area. If you can play this Mahjino, you may play it now. If not, keep it with the rest of your Mahjinoes®. Then, it is the next player’s turn. Play order is counterclockwise like in mahjong.

Ending the round: The first to play all of their Mahjinoes® wins. If no one can play after all Mahjinoes® have been drawn, then the player with the fewest Mahjinoes® wins!

Scoring option: Each player’s score is added up by awarding 5 points per remaining Mahjino except the Joker is 10 points. Play continues for 5 rounds. At the end of the fifth round, the player with the least amount of total points is the winner. For a tie breaker, the player with the most zero points in the rounds is the winner

Click here for printable Score Sheets.

Solitaire Mahjinoes® Place all the Mahjinoes® face down and mix. Pick 6 tiles. Start a timer. Place a double image Mahjino down. If no double image, continue picking until one is picked. Play continues by placing a matching image to the image on the first tile. Continue until no image can be matched. Pick until a tile can be placed. Repeat until you can use all tiles or no further moves can be made. Record your time when game is completed. If there are leftover tiles, add 5 seconds for each tile to your score. Try again to see if you can beat your fastest Mahjinoes™ Solitaire time.

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