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Commemorative 2020 gold plated brass Keychain Charm: Commemorating 2020 - The year of online mah jongg (Limited Run)

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While we all love the feel, sound and art of mahjong tiles and accessories, this year many of us have learned the joys of playing online.   

Our commemorative keychain is the perfect gift for yourself and your mahjong family and friends. 

Looking forward to playing in person in the future but for now, enjoying our online games on RealMahjongg, MahjongTime, NMJL, Myjongg and the American Mahjong Practice App. Many of us have enjoyed the fun, virtual tournaments hosted by 

Gold plated brass with stamped design. Keychain charm includes optional matching four inch brass steel ball chain. 

Keychain chain charm dimensions: 38.1 mm x 25.4 mm x 2 mm

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