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Mahjong Tile Set Indicator - Custom Text Engraved to Order

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Please note: Custom orders are not guaranteed for delivery by the holidays. We can send an image that a gift is on the way. Please let us know when placing your order. 

Organizing your sets and looking for a beautiful way to indicate which set is in which case?

Introducing our Mahjong Tile Set Indicators engraved to order on a replica Black Enrobed Tile.

The back of the tile will be a mahjong tile design. 
The front will have your custom text. 

Easily identify and select the mahjong set you want to play with at your next mahjong game. 

Price is for one Tile Set Indicator with a ball chain to attach to your case, handle or tile bag.

The options are only limited by your imagination. Create an organization system for all of your sets or add a tile with your name to your card/money bag. 

PLEASE NOTE: The default placement of the drilled hole is on the top left corner and the text is engraved left to right horizontally. The drill can also be done diagonally through the enrobed part of the tile or vertically. Please indicate this in your note section at checkout, or email us at 

Interested in several indicators to organize your collection? 

  • Enter Indicator4 to save 15% on four indicators.
  • Enter Indicator8 to save 20% on eight or more indicators. 
  • Even larger quantity for a much larger collection? Email 

At checkout, please specify what text you would like engraved on your Tile Set Indicators. Any questions, send an email to us at  

Photos shown are examples only. Text will be engraved and painted black in the largest size that fits beautifully on the tile based on the length of the text requested. 

Since this is a custom text engraved to order item, we will provide shipping information in a reply email.